Will you be the one doing the event?

Yes.  There are organizations that have a front man to do the sales and you may not meet your DJ until the day of your event.  I will be the one you work with from the very beginning: from the free consultation, through the planning process, to the last song of the night. 

Do you MC the event?

Yes.  This is the biggest variance between DJs.  Being comfortable on a microphone is a skill that takes time to perfect; it takes years to be really good.  Some DJs don’t talk on the mic at all, others will make announcements and some will MC.  Like in all things, experience goes a long way.  My goal, as your MC, is to guide you and your guests through the event with professional and appropriate interaction, on the mic, table to table and guest to guest.  I will share information, fun and energy with everyone in attendance!

Can we select our music?

Absolutely!  I am always bewildered by this question.  It is your day, and everything about your event can and should reflect your tastes, spirit, soul, culture and lives - including music.  Some people (my music lovers) give me a list they want played during cocktail hour, another they want during dinner, and a long list of dance music.  Not everyone is that into music – you can just give me a few of your favorite artists, and your preferred genres and say, read the crowd and keep everyone dancing…I can handle the rest!  I will work with as much or as little as you would like to be involved with the music selection.

Can you provide microphones for the ceremony?

Yes.  Although the ceremony is often the shortest part of the entire wedding day, it is also the most stressful.  I can provide multiple microphones for the ceremony, all wireless and discreet.  If you are having someone besides the officiant do a reading or a poem or a song, I can support whatever you need.  Some venues have a ceremony site wired for sound; some have a microphone already installed.  Check with your venue to see what they offer and I can fill in the gaps or bring everything if necessary.

Do you do any lighting?

Yes.  Lighting can really transform a space.  You can have your venue glow with the color of your choice, or just a few uplights can draw your guests’ eye to a focal point in a room.  A monogram is also a great idea to bring a design into your event.  If you have a design on your save the date, invitations and your menu…why not have that image in lights once your guests finally arrive?!?  If you don’t have a design, I am happy to help you design one.

Does each package include set-up and tear down time?

Yes.  The time referenced on the packages is performance time, that is all you need to be concerned about.  The 6-hour package, for example, is 6 hours of performance time: typically, from the time the music starts until the last dance concludes.  Set-up and tear-down time is outside of that window and different for each event and venue; but it is included in the price.

Do you travel outside of San Antonio?

Yes.  I will go wherever the event brings me!  There might be a travel charge for longer distances, but it is minimal.  Please contact us for details.